KOBO translates into "Lingala": (language spoken in Congo DRC) means black or the black man.
The concept of KOBO is based on the fundamental idea of combining the art of the table and life through flavors, sharing and conviviality.
Having you at KOBO will be a daily journey together.
We will accompany you during every taste stopover, to awaken your senses at our stunning culinary culture.

Don’t be afraid to be different! It is very rewarding.

« Shall we say black or colored man. It is not clear ». Serge Gainsbourg.

Kitchen wise, for some of you we will invite you to a taste experience, a leap in time or return to the native land for others...
Traditional dishes from Black Africa are revisited with finesse and delicacy.
You will find on the menu...
- The declination of Ceebu yapp (rice with beef);
- A must-eat moambe chicken on Mama koko’s way;
- The saka-saka or pondu (pounded cassava leaves);
- Captain with vegetables cooked in banana leaves.
For our vegan friends, there are some elaborate dishes: terrine of pumpkin seeds, lentils with vegetables and coconut milk...

We offer a lunch for 13 €, varied and lightened composed of a daily menu and coffee or tea, little more, our pastries are all homemade.

According to our traditions, all the dishes are put at the center of the table. We eat all together the different dishes, and each of the guests will taste, discover, share and learn the diversity of our specialties.

KOBO’s innovative concept: an elegant setting, an exotic decoration and surprising flavors.

A place of musical and artistic discoveries: there are concerts twice a month and artist exhibitions throughout the whole year.

Coming Soon: a unique concept store in Waterloo where you will find culinary products of Central Africa such as decorative items, spices, condiments and other taste sensations to delight specialists as well as newcomers ; but also tableware , dishes and even African art. 

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